• Square-Enix’s Response…

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    As you may know, I recently dropped a nerdcore song called “Letter To Squaresoft”: A lyrical letter addressed to Square-Enix reminiscing on the good old Squaresoft days and offering Square-Enix some advice (ranging from serious to comically absurd) on how to bring that old magic back. As the song began to heat up and get featured on major gaming sites such as Kotaku, Square-Enix’s online content manager Ben Bateman offered a response via twitter:

    While it would have been even more epic if Ben responded with some rhymes, I’m no less grateful for his hopeful message to the fans. Hopefully the whole company shares Ben’s vision. With that said, it’s good to know that music, no matter how silly, can serve a good purpose. If you haven’t heard my “Letter to Squaresoft”, listen to it HERE.

    P.S. – Here’s hoping for a U.S. port of Seiken Densetsu 3! lol


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    February 2012 was really my nerdcore “breakout” month of sorts. I released my first video game-inspired project “Cold Republic” and also put out music about everything from Sonic The Hedgehog to Gundam Wing. In the process, I gained a pretty decent fanbase and generated a pretty good amount of gaming-related press. Also, I just finished an interview about my style of music with San Antonio’s FOX television station that will air early next week. Here’s a run-down of some of the places my music featured on:
    (^ The San Antonio Express-News article was from nearly 2 years ago. Long before I started rapping. This was all about the noise I was making as a producer. I figured I’d include it for nostalgia’s sake!)




    Gamers Haven News

    Anime UK News

    I also received some international coverage by some major european and russian gaming sites (buffed.de, goha.ru, and swtor.ru to name a few). I’m thankful and humbled by all the coverage my work has gotten so far. I’m ready for what March has in store! You know what they say about March…”In comes the Lion…”


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    Here’s a new song I recorded called “Letter To SquareSoft”. Basically it’s a rap reflecting on the days when SquareSoft made some of the best video games I’ve ever played. I took them down memory lane and asked them to bring some of that nostalgia back. Don’t take my “advice” seriously though, it’s all meant in fun and good humor.


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    Here’s the latest SWTOR music video based on the “Emmit Sith” song from my Cold Republic Episode I mixtape. Check out “Sith Juggernaut” filmed/edited by Riley Hastings over at SWTORExtreme. We’ve got more coming so stay tuned!


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    A nice flow off of the upcoming Wing Zero EP. Just Communication in the beat!

    “My red mitsubishi’s nickname was Epyon”

  • My interview on Classic L337!

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    The guys over at ClassicL337 recently interviewed me about the success of my “Cold Republic” mixtape! Check me out approximately 45min into the podcast below! Also, for more gaming-related goodness, check ClassicL337′s official SITE.


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    This one’s called “White Reflection” based on the theme song from Gundam Wing’s Endless Waltz anime. My gundam-themed mixtape “The Wing Zero EP” is under construction. Stay tuned!

    “Im really into anime but I ain’t even frontin”


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    The Wing Zero E.P.

    Yes…a nerdcore mixtape…about Gundam.

    UPDATE: Here it is guys…The Wing Zero EP. I decided to leak it a day early! This is definitely a solid nerdcore / otaku rap project to add to your collection! I really hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did making it. How much will this cost you? Absolutely nothing, the album’s completely free! I really appreciate the support I’ve been getting from you guys, so consider this a token of my appreciation! All I ask is that you follow me on twitter @richiebranson, subscribe to my youtube channel “richiebranson” and most importantly… contact your favorite anime / manga / japanese pop culture / hip-hop / gaming / music news / etc. blogs and websites and let them know about this project! Click the link below to download now!

    Release date was March 20th, 2012. Download HERE.