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    Otaku Tuesdays Volume I has officially been released. It’s an EP full of all the “OtakuTuesdays” songs I’ve been doing. Click HERE for the free download!

    Oh yeah, and it wouldn’t be Otaku Tuesday if I didn’t have some new music to share with you. In honor of Toonami’s return to TV, it was only right that I pen a lyrical tribute to Tom’s return to TV. This is just a teaser, the full song will be available on the day Toonami comes back on TV: May 26th. Enjoy!

  • Nerd Wars after Comicpalooza 2012

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    Next weekend I’ll be performing live at Space City Nerd’s annual Nerd Wars event after Comicpalooza. Come check me out May 26th!

  • Random A.K.A. Mega Ran – Language Arts

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    I had the honor of producing the title track on Random a.k.a. Mega Ran’s highly anticipated “Language Arts” album dropping May 22nd. Ran is one of the main inspirations behind my decision to make the music I make! Check it out!

    Random - Language Arts


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    Today’s #otakutuesday song is a tribute to Gene Starwind and crew. Outlaw Star was one of my favorite shows from back in the day. If it wasn’t for Toonami, this rap would have never happened. #BringBackToonami

  • Look Mom, I’m On TV!

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    Last week’s #OtakuTuesdays song was a tribute to the glory days of Toonami. I didn’t expect the song to blow up the way it did. Hours after I released the song to the public, this showed up on Adult Swim’s twitter:


    Then, days later during Adult Swim’s late night programming on Sunday night, they aired this interlude:

    One hell of a way to close out Mother’s day, huh?
    Thank you Adult Swim.


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    Today’s #otakutuesday song is an anthem dedicated to bringing back the legendary Toonami programming block to Cartoon Network. Click HERE to Download the song for FREE. Let’s start a revolution! #BringBackToonami


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    From the underground to the stars, here’s the latest #OtakuTuesday song. I must say, Gurren Lagann is one of the most epic anime series of all time!.

    I’m still looking for tips on what to rap about next! Use this form to shoot me your ideas! Thanks!


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    Start your engines…here’s the next installment of my Otaku Tuesday series of nerdcore music. This one is all about the anime/manga that fueled my interest in import sports cars: Initial D.

    I’m looking for tips on what to rap about next! Use the form in the post below this one to shoot me your ideas! Thanks!