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    It’s finally out guys! My long awaited summer album “The N.E.R.D. EP (Nothing Ever Requires Discipline)” is now available on a variety of online music services. Click any of the links below and grab your copy today!




    Google Play


    Spotify users are also able to check the album out as well!

    Next Tuesday I’ll be releasing a few free bonus tracks, including the awesome “Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis” featuring Random aka Mega Ran.

    If you’re still not convinced on whether to buy this collection of nerdcore greatness, check out the video below:

  • Otaku King Apparel Co.

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    Hey guys, today marks the official launch of something I’ve been working on for the past few months: Otaku King Apparel. It’s going to be a collection of limited-run apparel and accessories inspired by various elements of Otaku culture. To kick things off, I’ve got an exclusive line of wood art / jewelry inspired by the old school NES controller. Eventually the copycats will come and make their own version. Untill then, this is only available at Otaku King. What are you waiting for? Buy one…or two!


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    Guess what guys? #OtakuTuesdays is BACK!! As I start gearing up for the July 10th release of my summer album, The N.E.R.D. EP (Nothing Ever Requires Discipline), I decided to do a special N.E.R.D. EP edition of OtakuTuesdays running up to the album release. For the first song, I enlisted the help of the legendary Random a.k.a. Mega Ran in paying tribute to the glory days of the SNES and Sega Genesis. Check out the song below! The N.E.R.D. EP and its accompanying run of OtakuTuesdays songs will be available on July 10th!


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    This is my official summer album The NERD EP (Nothing Ever Requires Discipline)! It will be available July 10th on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other online retailers. If you’ve been enjoying the nerdcore work I’ve been putting out so far, I GUARANTEE you’ll love every song on the project. Mark your calendars and make sure you get your copy July 10th! I’ll also have digital copies available with me while I’m on tour with MC Chris and Powerglove this summer.

  • Coming Soon: The Ghouls N’ Ghosts EP

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    If you haven’t heard of Random a.k.a. Mega Ran , you definitely owe it to yourself to check out his work. We collaborated on his Language Arts album (I had the awesome privilege of producing the title song) and now we’re about to take it to a new level with an upcoming joint project: The Ghouls N’ Ghosts EP.  I’m honored to confirm that Random will be DJ’ing my set and rocking the stage with me at some of the stops on this summer’s Monster Hunter Tour with MC Chris and Powerglove. We’ll be releasing the Ghouls N’ Ghosts project a released as a tour-exclusive treat for those who come out to rock with us! Stay tuned!


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    This Summer, I have the honor of being a part of the Monster Hunter Tour with the legendary MC Chris and Powerglove! Below are the tour dates:

  • Video Game Review: Sonic 4 Episode II

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    Hey guys, the good folks over at ClassicL337 have kindly allowed me to post their video game reviews on my site. If you didn’t know, I produced the outro music that plays after each of their reviews. Without further adieu, here’s the first review all about Sonic 4 Episode II:


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    #Toonamisbackbitches….thanks to an awesome Twitter campaign we’ve managed to bring greatness back to television. In celebration, I penned a sequel to my infamous “Bring Back Toonami” song. So here it is, the first official single from my upcoming “Nothing Ever Requires Discipline” (NERD) EP. Click HERE to download it completely FREE. The album goes on sale in July. Stay tuned!!!!  Don’t forget to tune in to Toonami tonight at Midnight PT/ET!