• Neon Alley Commercial and “Wrath”

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    As i previously mentioned, I’m doing some exclusive music for the Neon Alley streaming anime channel on Playstation 3. Here’s what you may have seen if you’ve been tuning in:

    Also, I released a new record called “Wrath”…consider it a preview of what to expect from me if I ever made it on a mainstream level:


  • Exclusive Richie Branson Music On Playstation 3

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    I’m pleased to announce that I’ve partnered up with Viz Media to provide some awesome music to their new 24/7 streaming anime channel “Neon Alley”.  Available exclusively on the Playstation 3, Neon Alley is the place to go to catch the latest English dubbed anime shows as well as the well-known favorites like One Piece and Death Note. If you have a PS3, what are you waiting for? Follow The Raven.

    P.S. – My PSN gamertag is RichieBranson. Add me!


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    After coming off a 33 city tour and producing some music for Adult Swim, I’m happy to say that the heralded #OtakuTuesdays album series has returned! I really enjoyed making this project and I really hope you enjoy listening to it! Click HERE to download it absolutely free!

    #OtakuTuesdays will return soon! Untill then, stay tuned or more great music in the near future. I’ve got a little something called The Jupiter Jazz LP coming soon, and there may just be another Gundam album in the near future!

    Oh..and don’t forget to support my future projects by purchasing my commercial album “The NERD EP”  today! Grab it HERE.

  • If Books Could Kill…

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    For this week’s #OtakuTuesdays song, I decided to take a lyrical journey into what life would be like if I owned my own Death Note. If books could kill…

    Don’t forget, the FREE #OtakuTuesdays Vol. II album releases next week! Also, last week, I released a song called “Iron Fist” to celebrate the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It served as a premiere to a series I will be doing on the Machinima Network called “Machinimusic”. Stay tuned for more nerdcore gamer rap on their channel!


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    This week’s #OtakuTuesdays song is a sequel to the song that started it all: Otaku King. Enjoy!

  • NEW NERDCORE: Gundam Unicorn Rap “Sieg Zeon”

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    Of all things that I’m a fan of, I hold the Mobile Suit Gundam Universe in the highest regard. The last time I rapped about Gundam was six months ago with the release of the Wing Zero EP…far too long. For this week’s #OtakuTuesdays installment, I decided to return to Gundam hip-hop with a tribute to the principality of Zeon:

  • #OTAKUTUESDAYS Vol. II Coming Soon!

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    The monster hunter tour was an overwhelming success! Now that I’m back home, it’s only fitting that I continue the OtakuTuesdays anime & videogame rap series! This week it’s all about Yu Yu Hakusho in a hip-hop tribute to the series’ iconic villain Toguro:

    With that said, my next mixtape will be released September 25th under the title OtakuTuesdays Vol. II: The Return of the Otaku King.

    It’s going to be one hell of a Fall season my friends. Stay tuned….

  • My Performance in Philadelphia and the dark side of the internet

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    I find myself unable to sleep after an emotional rollercoaster of a day. First, let me give a big thank you to Philadelphia. The crowd in Union Transfer was amazing, I hope to rock out in Philly again soon! Here’s video footage of part of my show. Obviously, the crowd in Philly were totally being good to me:

    Well… except one person in the audience. Apparently, he took to twitter to criticize my performance. No biggie to me, although I don’t see why he just didn’t go grab a drink from the bar or something during my set if he wasn’t feeling it. Either way, I was completely unaware of what was said on twitter until after the show.  During my set, acting as a friend, MC Chris asked the man to leave the building for talking about me. Given that this is my first tour, Chris is working extremely hard to make sure that each show isn’t a nervous experience for me…so when he saw that tweet, emotions ran high and he acted in my defense. In retrospect, things could have played out better for all parties, but unfortunately that’s how they played out…and I’m truly sorry for that. The next day, the disgruntled fan heads to reddit and all social media and posts his side of the story. Once again, no biggie except for the fact that he spent the opening paragraph of his rant criticizing my music to the world. Given that his issue wasn’t with me, he didn’t have to give an in depth analysis on my skills, but whatever. Anyway, these criticisms ended up spreading far and wide on the internet, starting up the dreaded internet hate machine.  Eventually, the story reached a variety of different online media outlets. I spent a few moments on my day off having a little fun with the trolls that came my way as a result of the reddit frenzy, but eventually I found myself disturbed at the racism that was being thrown my way. Here is an example:

    Raditz, classy guy huh? I got a bunch of stupid stuff like this today as a result of the whole reddit backlash against what happened today.

    The reason for this rant is to make it absolutely clear of one thing: I do not like being called the n-word. We can cordially disagree all we want on how good my music is, on whether or not the Lakers will win the championship next season, or whether or not the sky is blue…but one thing I will not tolerate is being called that vile, ugly word.  As I matured, I made a pledge to remove that word from my lyrical vocabulary, and I’ve stuck to that pledge. It’s 2012…we really have to do better internet. While today was a really sad day altogether, I’ll work through it, and I’m no less grateful to be touring with Mc Chris and Powerglove. Nonetheless, this tour is a wonderful opportunity and I’m using today as a learning experience. I have no hard feelings towards anyone in the issue, including the twitter guy from the show (we both like Chrono Trigger) and the racists on the internet (i’ll pray for their enlightenment).