• Ask Me Anything

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    I’m back on reddit doing an AMA today. Click HERE and ask me anything!

    Don’t forget to check out my chrono trigger album “From Guardia With Love” HERE!

  • From Guardia With Love Has Been Released

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    After a long wait, my latest album “From Guardia With Love” is finally available for purchase! You can listen to the full album below! If you like what you hear, click HERE to purchase from Bandcamp, or HERE to purchase from iTunes! Just a reminder, I’m donating all monies I personally receive from this project to charity. Thank you guys for your amazing support, I really hope you enjoy this album. There are a few surprises in the works as well…stay tuned!


  • From Guardia With Love is now available for Pre-Sale

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    Today, From Guardia With Love is now available for pre-sale on iTunes! The official release date of the album is May 28th, two days after the one-year anniversary of Toonami’s return. Now..here comes the most important announcement I’ll probably ever make in my music career:

    Every penny that I personally earn from this album will be donated to charity…specificially the Extra Life organization that works with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I have no intent on making any personal financial gain from this project. I told you I’d be the type of rapper who would blow his money in children’s hospitals rather than strip clubs, well now I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

    I’ve never asked you guys for much, but today I’m asking for your help. I’ve set a personal goal of 200 pre-orders before my album releases in May. I can’t say exactly what, but something VERY major will happen if I reach that goal. I have a very nice surprise in store for each and every person who takes the time to pre-order “From Guardia With Love”, so if you pre-order it, send proof to my personal email at richie@richiebranson.com and I will make sure the world knows of your contribution. Consider this pre-order goal my “kickstarter”, except it’s for a cause greater than myself.

    In closing, this album was the hardest ever to complete. I started it in the midst of a depression, and gradually evolved into the classic Richie form that you all enjoy. I think this album will generate a lot of opportunity for me, and it’s only right that I do what I can to provide opportunities for those less fortunate. With that said, make sure you buy the album. Not only will you be getting dope new Richie Branson music, but you’ll be changing lives for the better. Spread the word and let’s make history! Click HERE to head to the iTunes pre-order link! If you prefer bandcamp, the link for that is below!


    UPDATE: Bandcamp pre-orders are now available as well. Click HERE to pre-order “From Guardia With Love” through Bandcamp!

    From Guardia With Love, I thank you all for your support,


  • COMING SOON: From Guardia With Love

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    It’s been awhile guys. Today is the 18th Anniversary of the original release of my favorite game of all time: Chrono Trigger. If you didn’t already know, my next album will be based on everything about this game! Below is the promo vid for the first single titled “All I Had” ( #BringBackChrono ).

  • Bambu’s 210 Mic Pass verse

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    Check my brother Bambu out on his verse on my city’s Mic Pass! Play this and pass it on!

  • Achievement Unlocked

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    On December 19 2011, I released my first nerdcore song to the world titled “Cold Republic”. I never would have imagined that 6 mixtapes,  a 33-city tour, tavelling the nation performing at different conventions, and making music for Adult Swim would be the outcome. Seriously, this has been the greatest year of my life. To celebrate, I’m releasing a project called “Achievement Unlocked”.

    This is a huge collection consisting of a few songs that were never released on any of the mixtapes I’ve dropped so far, and every single instrumental from the NERD EP and OtakuTuesdays Vol. I and II. Also included are some unreleased instrumentals for projects that I never got around to rapping on. I kept the original filenames of the works as I created them, so you can have a feel for my workflow. Feel free to make your own songs using any of the beats included in this project. As long as any works based on my beats are NOT released for profit, I’d love to see other aspiring rappers hopping on these beats and making their own nerdcore raps.

    Thank you guys for giving me such an awesome first year, let’s make 2013 even better! Click HERE to download “Achievement Unlocked” now!

  • NEW ALBUM: “The Ghouls N Ghosts EP”

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    Here’s a little October surprise for you guys:

    Mega Ran and I are pleased to bring you guys a little Halloween Treat known as the “Ghouls ‘N Ghosts EP”, previously only available on the mc chris Monster Hunter Tour. It’s now available on Bandcamp! Click HERE to check it out!

  • Diamonds are Forever

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    After leaving the county clerk’s office, I am pleased to announce that I officially own all mineral rights to the newly discovered planet 55 Cancri e. I’ve filed a mineral rights deed (pictures below) with the county and will be informing the U.S. Government, as well as the United Nations of my extra-terrestrial mineral claim. If you weren’t aware, 55 Cancri e covered in diamonds with an overall estimated worth of $26 nonillion ($26,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) . I do this with hope that in the future, it will be feasable to extract these diamonds and bring them back to Earth. Since I am the worlds first deed-holder of mineral rights on 55 Cancri e, my future descendants stand to make a lot of money.


    Now, you may be asking “But Richie, doesn’t the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 prohibit one from claiming extraterrestrial territory for themselves?”

    In theory, yes.

    However, the 1956 Reid v. Covert supreme court case set a legal precident making it clear that the Constitution is supreme over any international treaty:

    “This [Supreme] Court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty.” – Reid v. Covert, October 1956, 354 U.S. 1, at pg 17.

    The Outer Space Treaty clearly conflicts with the constitutional right to property by declaring unclaimed extraterrestrial land unclaimable as property.

     It is my constitutional right to secure private property; since there is no domestic law regulating the private acquisition of extraterrestrial property, I invoke Reid v. Covert in nullifying the Outer Space Treaty and declaring  myself the owner of all land and mineral production rights on the planet 55 cancri e.

    I apologize to my fellow rappers, but I now own more diamonds than you.