• Retro Game of the Week: Final Fantasy VII

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    In the 90′s and early 2000′s, Squaresoft, now known as Square Enix, was undoubtedly the king of RPGs (Role Playing Games for my non-nerds). Squaresoft consistently released classics such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III, and Secret of Mana. When gaming consoles evolved from the 16-bit era to the 32-bit age,  game developers had a variety of new tools at their disposal to create a more immersive gaming experience. Squaresoft utilized these tools and created one of the greatest games ever made and this week’s Retro Game Of The Week: Final Fantasy VII.

    Final Fantasy VII was a giant leap forward for the Final Fantasy series and the RPG genre as a whole. It featured cutting edge graphics at the time, and its pre-rendered cutscenes set a new standard for the way video games told their story to the player. You didn’t just play Final Fantasy VII, you experienced it. I cannot think of another game that had a more impressive level of character development. From the mysterious protagonist Cloud to the incredibly awesome villain Sephiroth, every character in Final Fantasy VII had profound depth.

    The story, graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay in Final Fantasy VII were all top notch. FFVII’s only weakness is the fact that it set the bar so high that future incarnations of the Final Fantasy series have been unable to surpass it so far.

    Last Word: If you’ve never played Final Fantasy VII, you’re missing out on one of the greatest video game experiences of all time.

  • Retro Game of the Week: Sonic The Hedgehog 2

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    Usually the original is the best and most innovative in a particular series of games, but the first sequel in Sega’s acclaimed Sonic The Hedgehog series was an exception to this rule.

    Sonic 2 made some great improvements over the first Sonic The Hedgehog. First was the addition of Sonic’s sidekick “Tails”. Although Tails really didn’t do much, it was cool knowing Sonic wasn’t alone in his quest to stop Dr. Robotnik’s madness. Perhaps the best new feature in Sonic 2′s gameplay was the ability to transform into “Super Sonic”. Once Sonic collected all 7 chaos emeralds, he transformed into an invincible gold-tinted flying killing machine.

    Along with the mentioned gameplay enhancements, sonic 2 had fantastic level design and an equally great soundtrack. From Emerald Hill Zone all the way to Death Egg Zone, Sonic 2 delivered an exciting set of levels for Sonic to romp through.

    Ahh, the memories… I remember crying the first tears of joy in my life after beating Wing Fortress Zone. At that moment I had thought I finally beat my first video game, only to find out I had to face off with Robotnik one more time in the Death Egg…

  • Richie Branson: Sunday Swagg Week #3″

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    The official music video for “Jersey Shore Fist Pump” will release on the web 10/27/11 after Jersey Shore goes off. Check the countdown timer to the right for the countdown to the official online release of Richie Branson’s first single “Jersey Shore Fist Pump”!

  • Sunday Swagg: And the winner is….

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    #Shoutout to Jenny! Best fist pump pictures ever….

  • Richie Branson Sunday Swagg Week #1

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    Welcome to the first week of my weekly fan contest series called “Sunday Swagg”. Ill be giving out prizes every Sunday so make sure you keep hitting the site to find out how to win! This week is all about fist pumping. If you have YouTube, make a video of yourself doing the wildest fist pump or if not, take a picture of yourself fist pumping. Send the link to my twitter @richiebranson or email it to me at Richie@richiebranson.com! The best video or picture will get the grand prize announced this coming Sunday! Lets go!

  • Jersey Shore Fist Pump is now on iTunes!

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    Click HERE to buy Richie’s single ‘Jersey Shore Fist Pump’ today!

  • New Autocross Racing Whip

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