• Huttball Pro Tips

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    Huttball Diaries

    I’ll be the first to admit that Huttball is the most addicting part of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Branson, my main character on the Ven Zallow server, is one of the illest huttball players under level 50 on Ven Zallow. I usually lead every game in at least two statistical categories: most damage and most medals. However, such skills didn’t come easy. To be honest, when I took my first steps on the huttball field as a rookie, I had no idea what I was doing. Huttball matches can get pretty frantic, causing players to scramble around the field with no sense of what to do. Here’s a few pro tips from Branson to get you to that hall-of-fame status:

    1) Learn how to PASS THE BALL: Passing takes a little bit of coordination and a lot of teamwork, so be sure to keep your eyes open for teammates in the vicinity and ALWAYS be ready to pass the rock when you know you’re about to die. Set the pass ability up with a hotkey and when you’re ready to pass, click the hotkey and then click the area where you want to pass the ball. Whoever is in the radius of where the ball goes will catch it.

    2)  Protect the guy with the ball: Be creative. If you’re a healer your role is pretty self-explanatory. Offensive players should use crowd control and stuns on enemy players attacking your team’s ball carrier. One of my favorite techniques as a sith Assassin is to use “guard” on the ball carrier to absorb half the damage they receive. Then I use mass Mind Control to further reduce damage to the ball carrier by enemies.

    3) Play your position: Figure out your particular role and stick to it! Once you get into a particular groove, don’t disrupt it by trying to be Rambo out on the huttball field. If you’re healing the ball carrier, don’t go off trying to kill enemies just to rack up kills. Just do your job and your team will benefit. Once you get a taste of all the different roles you can potentially play in hutball, you may be able to effectively switch roles mid-game. Just know that not everyone can be Deon Sanders.

    I’ll have more pro-tips soon. Till then, keep your head in the game.

  • Friday The 13th: The Video Game

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    Friday The 13th: The Video Game

    Happy Friday The 13th! I’m a big fan of the Jason movies but, to be honest, I never played Friday The 13th video game released on the NES back in 1989. I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book (or in this case, a game) by its cover, but it’s hard to look past the dreadfulness of this game’s cover design. For one, you do NOT put a rainbow on the cover of a horror game. Also, what’s up with the neon stuff behind Jason? It looks like he’s coming from a rave. In fact, that’s how pretty much everything in the late 80′s/early 90′s looked. Excessiveness was the word to live by during those days: Neon colored shirts, acid-wash jeans, big decals that say “turbo” on turbocharged cars, and big logos on video game boxes that say meaningless stuff like “Power Play Series” were all a part of everyday life. Like a lot of other movie icons, Jason Vorhees fell victim to the  horrors of 90′s fashion. Anyway, I’ll just stick to the movies untill a real Friday the 13th game comes along.