• Video Game Review: Sonic 4 Episode II

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    Hey guys, the good folks over at ClassicL337 have kindly allowed me to post their video game reviews on my site. If you didn’t know, I produced the outro music that plays after each of their reviews. Without further adieu, here’s the first review all about Sonic 4 Episode II:

  • Quick Review: “Star Wars: The Old Republic”

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    Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR Review)

    In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge Star Wars nerd. In college, I dragged my girlfriend-at-the-time with me to watch the midnight showing of Revenge Of The Sith. After the movie, I went right back to wreaking havoc with my imperial gunslinger in Star Wars Galaxies (which was an insanely great game itself until SOE messed it all up with the New Game Enhancement update).  I’ll admit, I’m one of the few Star Wars fans who actually liked the prequel movies. Sure, the acting was terrible, but the republic era before “A New Hope” was fascinating. That explains why I was so excited to hear that Bioware was developing  Star Wars: The Old Republic (or SWTOR for short), an MMORPG based on the cold war between the Jedi and Sith during the days of the old republic.  

    Anyone who has played an MMORPG game knows just how addicting they can be and SWTOR is no exception. This game damn near sucked away my social life, no joke. I’m just now getting back to my normal living habits after being locked in my room for a few weeks levelling up my Sith Assassin (Branson on the Ven Zallow server). Here’s a brief review of what I think about STWOR so far:


    -SWTOR’s graphics are fairly decent. They aren’t mind-blowing, but at least they’re better than World Of Warcraft’s. While this game isn’t on the same graphical level as Skyrim, the locales of the SWTOR’s various planets can still be breathtaking at times.

    -The sound/music is extraordinarily well done in SWTOR. From the haunting choral vocals in the main theme music to the familiar Star-Wars orchestral riffs featured throughout the rest of the game’s soundtrack, SWTOR’s musical soundtrack is incredible. The vocal dialogue is equally impressive. Every moment of in-game dialogue, from major story quests to minor side quests, is fully voice-acted. That’s a pretty big milestone for any game, let alone an MMORPG.

    -SWTOR’s controls are your typical MMORPG click and hotkey affair, but they spice it up with the real-time twitch space combat missions. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sold on the game’s space combat at first, but it surely has grown on me. Hopefully Bioware will expand on the space combat (read: multiplayer) in the future.

    - The level progression can be pretty fast if you soak in all the action the game has to offer. By doing the daily PVP and space missions in addition to the story quests,  I ended up five levels over my character’s ideal level range by the time I made it to Nar Shaddaa. While some gamers gripe about this, I applaud it. I don’t like to feel like I have to grind just to progress in a game. I love the fact that I can level up playing the game however I wish.

    -PVP PVP PVP!!! The PVP in this game is really good. Huttball is certainly my favorite way to PVP aside from the world PVP on my server. I’m trying to become the first Huttball superstar in SWTOR. Just call me call me Emmit Sith.


    - The LFG tool could be better. Currently, it takes too long to find groups for the flashpoints and heroic quests.

    - Character customization leaves much to be desired as well. The facial customization is decent, but there isn’t much else to create a sense of variety. Maybe an expansion will feature some new non-humanoid races?

    - Various glitches plague this game, especially as you get into the higher levels. I haven’t encountered anything overtly game-breaking, but they are still inconvenient nonetheless. My favorite one thus far is the floating shuttle door during the black talon flashpoint.


    SWTOR is a finely polished MMORPG with plenty of room to grow. This may very well take the MMO throne from World Of Warcraft.