• Anime Review: Gundam Unicorn

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    Gundam Unicorn Review

    I love giant robots. Franchises such as Transformers, Voltron, Power Rangers, and especially Gundam all have a special place in my heart. I’ve been into Gundam since my high school days when Toonami brought the Gundam Wing series to U.S. cable television. I’ve always enjoyed the Gundam anime for its ability to combine frantic action with a serious, thought-provoking storyline. To me, Gundam Wing always set the bar for how a great giant robot anime should be. The series had great mecha design (Epyon FTW), awesome character development, and a damn good story. Few other Gundam series have managed to come close to the coolness of Gundam Wing (Stardust Memory and 08th MS TEAM are notable mentions),  and surely it stands far above every non-Gundam giant robot franchise (sorry Transformers fans). However, one of the new kids on the gundam block, Gundam Unicorn, may actually give Gundam Wing a run for its money.

    Gundam Unicorn takes place some time after Char’s Counterattack  in the original Gundam Universal Century timeline. Banagher Links, Unicorn’s main protagonist, isn’t nearly as badass as Hero Yuy was in Gundam Wing but he’s a decent kid nonetheless. The story basically revoloves around a device known as “Laplace’s Box” and the Earth Federation and Zeon remnant forces’ efforts to find it. By accidentally putting himself in a position to pilot the Unicorn Gundam, Banagher soon finds himself caught in the middle of the two factions as they try to capture Laplace’s box. Of course this wouldn’t be a true Gundam series if it didn’t have a badass villain, and so Banagher faces off against a fierce enemy named Full Frontal Nudity. Frontal is proof that the Gundam creators have this villain stuff down to a science: Blond hair? Check. Mask? Check. Badass Red Mobile Suit? Check.

    The action scenes throughout this series are well done, especially the battle that introduces Full Frontal for the first time. Like most other Gundam series, Unicorn has an awesome soundtrack. Expect to hear great orchestral music setting the mood throughout key scenes in each episode. Speaking of episodes, the series isn’t very long. So far they’ve aired 5 episodes out of a total of 10 or 11. The five episodses i’ve seen so far managed to keep me glued to the edge of my seat, so I’m looking forward to the next episode that airs in May.

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