by Richie, March 7, 2015

Remember those songs some of you made to the beats I released last year? I’m going to be putting them to good use with this new “Otaku Gang” movement I’m putting together. It’s been an awesome experience making rap songs for you guys, and I want to pay it forward and inspire new artists to step up and make works influenced by their favorite video games, anime, or whatever else they draw inspiration from. I see O.G. as a movement where both new and experienced  artists can share their work and grow together. It’s not just about rap either….singers, poets, AMV directors, graphic artists, and anyone else who has a creative outlet is welcome to get in on the action. The official site ( will feature all of the latest tunes and fan art from folks repping the #OtakuGang movement with me. Once things are up and running, we’ll be throwing monthly fan art contests with some cool prizes. In addition to, we’ll be releasing a series of O.G. compilation albums featuring the music we create with this movement, so make sure you send those songs in!

Email “submissions (at)” with whatever works you want to submit for posting on

…ok, so let’s get started! I’ve put together “OtakuTools”, a collection of over 50 beats, including the instrumentals from From Guardia With Love, OtakuTuesdays III, and a whole bunch of unheard instrumentals for you guys to rap on, remix, feature in your videos, or do whatever you with. All of these are completely FREE* for you to use for whatever derivative projects you wish,  just throw me a “produced by Richie Branson” somewhere in the credits…or better yet throw in an #OtakuGang and rep the movement, lol (I included the Otaku Gang logo as well if you wish to incorporate that visually).  I’ll also be releasing collab details / pricing soon for those who want custom Richie Branson beats and verses! Click HERE for the free download.










*NOTE: If you plan on selling whatever derivative works you make with these beats, be aware that if any of the beats contain a sample from another song…I’m not responsible for whether or not you clear the sampled music with their respective owners.