Achievement Unlocked

by Richie, December 20, 2012

On December 19 2011, I released my first nerdcore song to the world titled “Cold Republic”. I never would have imagined that 6 mixtapes,  a 33-city tour, tavelling the nation performing at different conventions, and making music for Adult Swim would be the outcome. Seriously, this has been the greatest year of my life. To celebrate, I’m releasing a project called “Achievement Unlocked”.

This is a huge collection consisting of a few songs that were never released on any of the mixtapes I’ve dropped so far, and every single instrumental from the NERD EP and OtakuTuesdays Vol. I and II. Also included are some unreleased instrumentals for projects that I never got around to rapping on. I kept the original filenames of the works as I created them, so you can have a feel for my workflow. Feel free to make your own songs using any of the beats included in this project. As long as any works based on my beats are NOT released for profit, I’d love to see other aspiring rappers hopping on these beats and making their own nerdcore raps.

Thank you guys for giving me such an awesome first year, let’s make 2013 even better! Click HERE to download “Achievement Unlocked” now!

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