My NES Controller Mod: The Game Chain

by Richie, December 7, 2011

Nintendo Game Chain

I’ve been working on this “Game Chain” concept for awhile now, and it’s finally ready to see the world. I decided to be a little different from most rappers and take a different road as far as “rapper jewelry” is concerned. I wore it out for the first time while I was on tour with DMX and it received rave reviews by strangers and friends alike.

If you have an old NES controller laying around and want to turn it into some bling-blaw, hit me up at Even if you don’t have a controller, I have plenty laying around. I’ve already got a few orders under my belt and I’m donating a significant portion of all proceeds┬áto a charity that sends video games, toys and books to children’s hospitals around the world. Methodist Hospital of South Texas, one of their affiliated hospitals, is based right here in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of everything old school or just someone in search of something fashionable to show off your gamer attitude, the Game Chain is a great way to express your love for video games. There’s nothing like getting some creative gamer bling and improving a few children’s lives at the same time. Prices vary depending on what type of material you want for the chain itself (silver, gold, diamonds, cubic zirconium, etc). Every chain will have my signature etched on the back of the controller, so you know you got it from me :)

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    • Abdullah
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    • June 29, 2012

    Thats a really nice chain you have there sit. I wish I had that because it would make my Swag so much better lol. Thanks Mr.Branson

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